DCCW Character List

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Yue Empire 月帝國

The Royal Family The Bai Family. (Bai=White)

Bái Liánzhèng (白廉政 Lián=fair/honest, zhèng=governing.)
Current Emperor. Deathly ill. A very formidable strategist and an emperor who knew what he was doing. Very strict. Even with his health so bad, people still fear and respect him. [                    Deceased                                 ]

Bái Yìmíng (白義明 Yì=righteous, Míng=light/brightness)
Current Taizi (Crown Prince, for lack of better word). Eldest son of the emperor. A very impatient and brutal man, not very smart but very paranoid. Hates Lingyun out of jealousy and fear. Although Lingyun made fun of him for always visiting the Green Building (Brothel), he does not, in fact, go there because as the Taizi, he already has a small harem and a wife so he doesn’t need to go to the Brothel. [ He has lost his position as the Crown Prince due to his impatience, incompetence, and cruelty. Now he’s a Junwang, or a Commandery Prince) ] Spoilers as of Part III [Learned to be less stupid, but still plots to take the throne]

Bái Zhìtiān (白志天 Zhì=Ambition, Tiān=Sky)
Er Huangzi (Second son of the emperor). Likes to have sex with pretty boys (Luan Tong), not because of its social significance but because he is really just more interested in dudes. Normally spends a lot of time on his physical appearances, speaks softly and gently but has a very black heart. Smart and ruthless, a lot of people fear him for his cruelty and arrogance. Unlike his other two siblings, he genuinely likes Lingyun, but that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t kill Lingyun for his own ambition. Holds the title of XiangWang (襄王). [ Not long after Lingyun took the throne, he forced Lingyun to make him one of the Heads of the Secretariat (中書令) ] Spoilers as of Chapter 46 [Acted impatiently out of his fear of Fengbo, and died for it.]

Bái Qīngyàn (白清彥 Qīng=Clear, yàn=excelling; here yan sounds more like yen)
San Huangzi (Third son of the Emperor). Sickly and weak, doesn’t know a lot about politics and doesn’t have talent for it, yet he wants the position for its name and privileges. He plays the Guqin (a plucked seven-string Chinese musical instrument of the zither family) well and is a good poet. He too, hates Lingyun out of jealousy. Holds the title of ShuWang (蜀王) Spoilers as of Chapter 46 [Lost credibility due to blatant lies about Lingyun wanting to pass the throne to Fengbo. Lost influence when Zian was demoted.]

Bái Língyún (白凌雲 Líng=ice/insulting/excelling/etc, Yún=Cloud; Lingyun together means outstanding. Pronunciation Tip: Ling-uuin.)
Si Huangzi (Fourth son of the Emperor). No need to explain because he’s the main character =D Holds the title of YouWang (優王, You as in Yo-u), but no one calls him that. [Currently the Emperor of Yue]

Xuán Yùlán (玄玉蘭 Yù=Jade, Lán=Orchid)
The Empress. Extremely intelligent and careful. Very patriotic and responsible. She favors Lingyun partially because he’s the youngest, but mostly because he’s the smartest. She is the General’s sister. [ Now the Grand Empress Dowager.]

Xuán Chūnméi (玄春梅, Chūn=Spring, Méi=Plum (blossom))
[Fengbo’s younger sister and Lingyun’s wife, which makes her the Empress]

Other Relatives:

Bái Jǐnghuá (白景華, Jing=Big/Light/etc.., Hua=light/illustrious/etc)
Also known as the Zhao-wang (趙王), he is Lianzheng’s (the Emperor’s) second younger brother and lives in the north.

Bái Dǐngshèng (白鼎盛, Dingsheng=Prosperous)
Also known as the Han-wang (漢王), he is the first younger brother of the Emperor and lives in the south. The General, Xuan Jiade, went to aid him due to Xia’s invasion.

Bái Chéngēn (白承恩, Cheng=succeed, En=kindness/mercy) Third son of the HanWang. [ Fought the war and was Fengbo’s subordinate during that time. 20 years old as of Chapter 46. ]

Bái Jùnjié (白俊傑 , Jun=talented, jie=hero/remarkable)
Also known as Liang-wang (梁王), he is the Emperor’s uncle. Although a great commander, he is now old and may not have the best judgment.

Bái Shàoqiáng (白紹強) Junjie’s eldest son. Since Yiming is trying to steal his title from him, he does not like Yiming.

Bái Shìwěi (白 士偉) Lingyun and Chengen’s 3rd cousin. (PS I have no idea how this cousin system really works, but the conclusion is that they are blood related).

The Xuan Family (Xuan=Black. Pronounce Xuan as Shiuan)

Xuán Jiādé (玄嘉德, Jia=excellent, De=virtue. De sounds kind of like “Duh”)
The General (as in, THE General…the Supreme Commander of the Military). Fengbo’s dad and Lingyun’s uncle. The emperor’s best friend. He also has a strong influence in politics but usually manipulates it from the shadows. He is the leader of the Xuan (Martial) Arts [Deceased (died from a fatal wound in the war with Xia.)]

Xuán Zhǎnkūn (玄展焜) Fengbo’s elder brother. Died trying to outperform Fengbo some years ago.

Xuán Fēngbō (玄鋒波, Fēng=sharp, also  a pun on wind, which is pronounced the same way; Bō=waves. Pronunciation tip: Fong-bo-u (bo is very lightly pronounced))
Eldest living son of the General. Had great war accomplishments ever since the age of thirteen. [Currently the Supreme General of Yue] Don’t need much explanation for this dude either =D He’s two years older than Lingyun

Xuán Ruìxiáng (玄瑞祥, Rui=auspicious, xiang=good luck)
Fengbo’s half-brother (son of a concubine). Two years younger than Fengbo (the same age as Lingyun). Was responsible for the Imperial Palace army while Fengbo was gone. He hates the Xuan and would betray them if that’s what Lingyun wants him to do.

Xuán Qǐyuān (玄啟淵, Qi=start/open/guide, Yuan=origin/deep/abyss)
Son of Jiade’s younger brother. Cousin of the above three. Fengbo’s loyal follower. He is as old as Fengbo and is also Fengbo’s best friend. Not in the military. He works in the Secretariat (中書省, Zhongshushen) and is one of the sixteen officials responsible for managing the Imperial Conference (通事舍人, Tongshi Sheren). The Secretariat mostly handles the decision-making in the Government.

Xuán Wénchōng (玄文充, Wen=literature/culture, Chong=full)
Qiyuan’s father. Holds the position of Vice Head of the Shangshusheng (尚書省, Department of State Affairs) with Lu Zhongfu.

Xuán Zhé (玄哲)
Fengbo’s half-cousin (his father was a son of a concubine). His mother is the Chengen’s aunt. Zhe also fought the war with Jin and Xia under Fengbo’s lead.

Bái Xūnhuì (白薰蕙, Xun=Lavender, Hui=a type of orchid)
Fengbo and Chunmei’s mother, Lingyun’s half aunt (The previous Emperor’s half sister.)

Bái Qínxīn (白琴馨)
Lingyun’s half-sister, 17 years old when she married Fengbo.

The Sima Family

Sīmǎ Lǜ (司馬律. Lǜ = regulation/principle)
Lingyun’s bodyguard, and Lingyun looks down on him because Lingyun is arguably stronger than his own bodyguard, lol. Two years older than Fengbo but he is Fengbo’s trusted friend and loyal subordinate.

Xuán Qiǎoyīn (玄巧音, Qiao=clever, Yin=sound/pitch)
Fengbo’s cousin, Qiyuan’s sister. Is married to Sima Lu. Outspoken and good at martial arts.

Sīmǎ Chāo (司馬超. Chao = surpassing/super)
Sima Lu’s uncle and Fengbo’s half-aunt’s husband. Works in the Chancellery and is one of the Emperor’s consultants. To be a consultant means that he must be quite eloquent.

The Duan Family

Duàn Xiánzhōng (段賢中, Xian=Virtuous Zhong=Middle/Central)
The General of the left, sent to aid Zhao-wang near the borders of Yan.

Duàn Míngwǔ (段明武, Ming=Bright/clear, Wu=Martial/military)
Son of Duan Xianzhong, has a lot of potential.[Received help from Lingyun that greatly helped him achieve great results in the war with Yan]

Bái Fāngróu (白芳葇, Fang=fragrant, Rou=a type of plant)
The previous Emperor’s half-sister (Fengbo’s mother’s sister). Wife of Duan Xianzhong and mother of Duan Mingwu.


Zhitian’s Faction
(Mostly Nobles)

Sūn Hàopíng (孫浩平)
A highly ranked official who supports Zhitian. Held the position of Vice Minister of the Justice Section (刑部, Xing Bu) of the Department of State Affairs (尚書省, Shangshusheng). He comes from a well-to-do noble family that has a long political history. [ After Lingyun took the throne, he got promoted to being one of the Vice Heads of the Secretariat (Zhongshusheng, 中書省, handles the decision-making/policy-writing in the Government) ] Spoiler as of Chapter 46: [got demoted to the outer regions]

Rèn Fāngtíng (任方廷)
Works in the Censorate.

Cài Yuánxīn (蔡元新, pronounce Cai like Tsai)
A servant from the East Palace who had an affair with an East Palace Maid who belonged to the Taizi’s harem. [ Before he got executed wrongfully, Zhitian saved him to be his tool. Now he’s the Vice Minister of the Justice Section of the Department of State Affairs, taking over Haoping’s place. ]

Fāng Xiàn (方憲)
Vice Minister of the Ministry of Revenue (戶部, Hubu) that is a part of the Department of State Affairs. Has a grudge against Lingyun because Lingyun made his son lose the title of Marquis.

Dǒng Shēng (董升)
Noble who works in the Chancellery. One of the four officials responsible for checking the governmental papers from the Secretariat, or Geishizhong (給事中).

Zhāng Sùqióng (張肅瓊)
His uncle was Zhang Boshan, one of the officials who had supported Lingyun’s succession of the throne. [ However, Lingyun had approached him and advised him not to suport his own uncle or he’d lose his position. Since then, he had been working with Lingyun. He quickly switched his external support from Zhitian to Fengbo when he saw the chance, but he still worked for Lingyun, even though he also supported Fengbo. Now the Head of the Head of the Yushitai (御史臺, Censorate) aka Censor-in-Chief. ]

Xiē Liáng (薛良)
A noble who works in the Chancellery. One of the four officials responsible for inspecting the governmental papers from the Secretariat, or Geishizhong (給事中). This is a pretty highly ranked position as well. He has left a good impression on Fengbo. [ Lingyun approached him two years ago, and he has been working for Lingyun ever since. He admired Fengbo as a fellow noble, and supported Fengbo even though his loyalty lies with Lingyun. His father and uncle were demoted by Zian, but now they are relocated back to the Court. Now a Chancellor (Head of the Secretariat, 中書令), replaced Zhitian. ]

Yáng Antài (陽安泰) Chengen and Xuan Zhe’s cousin; his father is their uncle. Works in the Ministry of War (兵部) of the Shangshusheng (尚書省, Department of State Affairs)

Xiàng Fán (項璠) Minister of War. Neutral about the Xuan and Duan.

Zian’s Faction
(Mostly Scholars/Nouveau Riche)

Zhū Zǐān (朱子安. Separate Zi and An when saying his name)
A highly ranked official who manipulates Qingyan. He was the Head Minister of the Personnel (吏部) part of the Shangshusheng (尚書省, Department of State Affairs). New to nobility, got in through the Imperial Exams and is wary of old, established nobility. Zian is his “zi”, not his real name. [ Is now one of the two highest ranked officials (Imperial Attendant, Shizhong 侍中) in the Chancellery (門下省, Menxiasheng. The Chancellery advises the Emperor and the Secretariat). ]

Jiǎ Fúshùn (賈福順)

Lài Xióng (賴雄)

Xú Guǎngdào (徐廣道)
Scholar who is one of the two Vice Heads in the Chancellery. He is also one of the Emperor’s highest ranked advisors at the same time. [Secretly worked with Lingyun. He was never openly against Lingyun, but merely seemed to support Zian. Since the Winter Conference, he has replaced Zian as the Shizhong.]

Kē Xiǎnyào (柯顯耀)
Scholar who is a rank below Vice Head of the Secretariat and one of the six officials responsible for writing up the Imperial policies (or the Emperor’s orders). His position is also known as ‘Sheren’ (舍人). [He was also one of the men Lingyun found. Less tolerant of nobility than Xu Guangdao.]

Old Faction
(Under the Grand Empress Dowager’s Influence)

Jiāng Wéizi (江韋之)
Head of the Secretariat (中書省, Zhongshusheng). Weizi is his “zi”, his real name is just Jiang Wei. He got transferred to the Department of State Affairs as the Right Assistant of the (Vice) Heads. Now works mostly with Lingyun’s mother but has little influence with the younger generation and thus little power.

Hé Shàojìng (何劭靖)
Trusted confident of the previous Emperor, used to be very influential in the Chancellery. Now works with Yulan.

Zhāng Bóshān (張伯山)
The Head of the Yushitai (御史臺, Censorate) aka Censor-in-Chief. Boshan is his “zi”, not his real name. Supported Lingyun’s succession but after the succession he didn’t anymore. Lost his influence and was demoted.

Lǚ Zhòngfǔ (呂仲甫)
One of the Vice Ministers of the Department of State Affairs (尚書省, Shangshusheng). Zongfu is his “zi”, not his real name. Supported Lingyun’s succession but didn’t after Lingyun succeeded. Soon going to lose his influence.

Yuán Mèngxiū (袁孟修)
Minister of the Rites (禮部, Libu) from the Department of State Affairs (尚書省, Shangshusheng). Opposed Lingyun’s succession at first but is his more loyal supporter due to his insistence on tradition and loyalty.

Zhuāng Rénqìng (莊仁慶)
Old Scholar who is the Minister of Works.


Huáng Lìcái (黃立財 Licai = make fortune. LoL. Cai sounds like tsai.)
Corrupted merchant who was working with Fang Zikang. [ He was supposed to be executed but Lingyun spared him under the pretense he’d get as many food imports as he could. ]

Fāng Zǐkāng (方子康)
Corrupted Marquis who was in charge of the Eastern Port and the area around the city. [ Lingyun forced him to be judged and he lost his position. His family, which has some influence in the Royal Court, is furious and is now enemies of Lingyun. Zikang is not his real name, it’s his zi. ]

Sòng Péi (宋裴)
One of the Imperial Guards that guards the Emperor’s Palace

Gāo Xìnnán (高信男)
Lingyun’s personal eunuch

Xiē Héngshēng (薛恆生)
One of the Imperial Doctors

Ning Empire寧帝國

Yè Qiūyáng (葉秋陽, Yè=Leaf, Qiū=Autumn, Yáng=Sun. Qiu sounds more like Chiou)
The Taizi of Ning Empire. Avid fan of weiqi.The Emperor of Ning. 32 years old as of Chapter 46. Avid fan of weiqi and sought Lingyun out partially because Lingyun was good at it, but mostly because he heard the rumors of Lingyun being extremely good looking. Juntao knows he’s a lecherous pervert and dislikes him. Yè Mùrén (葉穆人) Ning’s ambassador and Qiuyang’s younger brother. 29 years old as of Chapter 46. As perverted as Qiuyang.

Jin Empire金帝國

Shí Jǐnghuī (石景輝)
Emperor of Jin. Is wary of Lianzheng (Emperor of Yue)

Wàn Guóróng (萬國榮)
The Grand Mentor (taifu 太傅) of Jin.

Xia Empire夏帝國

Sòng Hóngzūn(宋弘尊)
Xia’s de facto emperor (aka the one who holds the actual power of the emperor). He is the regent of many states in Xia, and he also is the General of Xia’s military. He is the emperor’s distant relative.

Liú Kuānshàn(劉寬僐)
Xia’s Imperial Attendant (侍中 shizhong). Very powerful, though of course he has to obey Song Hongzun, but being the imperial attendant it means he can decide who to fire, whether to pass a bill or something like that. He can veto the emperor and he is the de facto Chancellor.

The Three Strongest Sects

Snow Prison Sect雪獄派

Zhōu Yànháo (周偐豪. Here Yan sounds more like Yen as well.)
The Bangzu (leader) of Snow Prison Sect.

Liǔ Qīng (柳青 Qing sounds like Ching)
A master. He was Lingyun’s initial instructor.

Sky Shadows Sect空影派

Xiāo Wúyǐng(蕭無影 Xiāo=Wind, Wú=No, Yǐng=shadow)
The Bangzu of Sky Shadows Sect. Seems to have taken a liking to Lingyun after many battles, and Lingyun considers Wuying his unofficial master. [He is also the head of the secret intelligence force of Yue’s Emperor, Night Shadows Sect (暮影派)]

Blood Flames Sect血炎派
(ps. Mount Blood Flames is a volcanic mountain)

Chì Jūntāo (赤君濤, Chì=Red, Jūn=Gentleman, Tāo=large waves)
Grandson of the Leader of Blood Flames Sect. Actually quite strong and has a lot of potential…just not for Snow Prison’s Arts.
[Alternate Personality: Chì Guǐjué (赤鬼絕 Pronounce as ‘Guay Ju-e’)]

Chì Dúkuí (赤毒魁, Du=Poison, Kui=leader/monstrous)
The leader of Blood Flames Sect and Juntao’s grandfather.

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