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Deceiving Clouds, Cunning Waves will always be free, rest assured 🙂 Though that also means it will always be a bit rough around teh edges >.>
dccwTitle: Deceiving Clouds, Cunning Waves
Genre: Ancient China, Wuxia/Chinese High Fantasy, Politics, Angst/Drama
Date started: June 15th, 2009
Date completed: Oct. 28th, 2010
Wordcount: ~170,000
Rating: Mature
Warning(s): Dub/Non-con, yaoi-like, Violence, Cousinly Incest (pretty common in Ancient China), Deaths. Lame attempts at action and politics. Not a lot of romance, and not a lot of sex. Characters are somewhat immature. Needs editing. And finally, since I’m the author, the chance of this ending not so happily is slightly on the higher side. If you MUST know…well, the fic is completed.
Bai Lingyun is the fourth son of Yue’s emperor. Disinterested in politics and fascinated by martial arts, he set out to explore the Jianghu. However, tensions within his empire about who will succeed the throne as well as increasing frictions with rival empires refuse to let him have a carefree life…

Terminology Guide | Character List

Prologue \ Part I \ Part II \ Part III \ Part IV \ Epilogue

esTitle: Erasing Shame Alternate Scenario aka the WTF scenario
Genre: Romance, Hurt/Comfort, Friendship, Humor, Fluff
Wordcount: I didn’t count…
Rating: Mature
Date Started: June 6th, 2012
Date Completed: January 23rd, 2013
Warning(s): OOCness, D/s-oriented kinks, plot stupidity, CHEESINESS and AWKWARD AS HELL SMEX.


For those who find it difficult to accept the real ending in Erasing Shame…here is the WTF scenario that starts from middle of Chapter 58 in actual fic, where OOCness, plot stupidity, and general cheesiness rampage. S&X will raise chickens here. Fluff overload, y’all. DON’T READ IF YOU LIKE THE REAL ENDING… or read at your own risk, LOL.

(the password is Xuechi’s given name)

The WTF Scenario \ Chickens \ Double Standards \ New Year’s Eve

Ficlet at DSP Publications (Prompt: Lullaby)

If you’re interested in my older works, you can check out my FP account, which has two older works listed along with DCCW. However, be aware…like DCCW I have not gone back to edit them and I also cringe to re-read them.

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