There is a saying in Chinese:


…Which roughly translates into: “Once you enter the slash fandom, you will find it as deep as the ocean. Afterward, innocence is but a passerby.”

In other words, once a slash fan, always a slash fan.

At the tender age of 10 (or was it 9), this anime geek stumbled upon a picture of two dudes holding each other while she was surfing the interwebz for fan art. Yes, I am talking about fan art of a certain anime called Yu Yu Hakusho. The pairing Hiei x Kurama opened my young eyes to the wondrous world of BL, prompting me to find and read fanfictions that were…let’s just say not suitable for little kids. At that time, my innocent yet dirty little mind could not comprehend what smex was, much less the difference between M/M and M/F. I didn’t even know M/M was considered abnormal by the majority during the time and I was shocked to find Americans so homophobic when I first moved to the States. Needless to say, BL stuck with me…so I have been a fan for 10+ years now. Muahaha! Grovel before my experience! My inner BL fangirl is now a freshman in 2014, can you believe it?!

Anyhow. I spent most of my childhood overseas, but English isn’t my first language. It is, however, the closest I have to a first language. I write like an elementary school kid for Chinese, and maybe like a middle school kid for English. I also mostly read Chinese BL and have this grand vision of spreading the culture to those who cannot read Chinese…though, considering my skills….yeah. Don’t expect the marvelous prose from the Chinese language to translate into my works. The only thing you can probably trust is the culture, atmosphere, and history. While I can’t claim they’re 100% accurate, I try to do the research justice.

SO. If you’re looking for great prose and/or scorching-hot western-styled romance between alpha machos…ahem, my work will probably be a big disappointment. If you’re looking for a slash fic set in Ancient China….maybe you can give my stories a try? Please? Pretty Please?


P.S. Since I grew up with anime/manga, I am influenced by yaoi (Chinese BL is also more or less influenced by it). So, while I support switching as the norm, I prefer reading and writing about fixed sexual roles of a top and a bottom since it pushes my buttons.

Tropes I love: childhood friends, tsunderes, dub-con, D/s-ish smex, subordinates topping their superiors, average dudes topping gorgeous bad-asses, etc….

Tropes I don’t like: jerkass/abusive/powerful tops, insecure/delicate/poor bottoms, cross-dressing bottoms, cheating of any kind (under any established relationship, het or gay). Just not my thing. The list would go on if I use it as a squick list, but alas you get the gist. Again I have to mention I am not into alpha men in general.

So. Take it and evaluate whether my works are for you. Just remember one rule: The underdog shall always top! If a dude is gorgeous, calculating, calm, highly-ranked, rich, popular, playboy, very capable, blah blah blah the combination of typical seme/Dom attributes…that, my friends, is a bottom in my book. What can I say, D/s with reversed mainstream archetypes get me all the time~ I lurv the roleswitch in and out of bed.  Although what I write can only qualify as kink smex rather than D/s, LOL

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