Ate my own words

Ok I ate my own words and hadn’t been writing for several months again. Good news: part 1 is finally complete. Bad news: I structure a book into 4 parts. The procrastinator in me always thinks: Why toil over something I constantly get stuck on when there are so many Chinese BL out there waiting for me to read them? I can’t even write well anyway. Then again, I do want to finish telling this story so I can move onto the other ideas in my head.

And thus, I realized yet again I’ve almost forgotten all the previous research I’ve done, as my notes were incomplete. Spent half of today researching back what I forgot, and now I finally have a direction again. Let’s just hope this time I can persist a little longer amid recruitment and all the fics in my to-read list… Hopefully I can at least get part 2 done by the end of this month.

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