Ate my own words

Ok I ate my own words and hadn’t been writing for several months again. Good news: part 1 is finally complete. Bad news: I structure a book into 4 parts. The procrastinator in me always thinks: Why toil over something I constantly get stuck on when there are so many Chinese BL out there waiting for me to read them? I can’t even write well anyway. Then again, I do want to finish telling this story so I can move onto the other ideas in my head.

And thus, I realized yet again I’ve almost forgotten all the previous research I’ve done, as my notes were incomplete. Spent half of today researching back what I forgot, and now I finally have a direction again. Let’s just hope this time I can persist a little longer amid recruitment and all the fics in my to-read list… Hopefully I can at least get part 2 done by the end of this month.

One thought on “Ate my own words

  1. You are a fantastic writer! I love the Between Heaven and Earth series and know you’ll accomplish all your grand plans for it. You’ll get the back that spark that inspired you to start writing! Cheering you on!

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