Getting Back into Writing

After a hiatus lasting almost a year, I guess it’s time for me to get back to working on the series “Between Heaven & Earth” before things get hectic. I personally forgot a lot of settings too so I’d need to do a lot of double-checking for book 3.

At least I got past chapter 4, which I’ve been stuck on for almost a year, so that’s a start. As a storyteller, sometimes you have a grand plot in mind, but in the end it’s just plot points and general ideas, so weaving them together with details is difficult. Especially if one is a pantster like myself. Usually having an outline helps with writer’s block, but then you kinda just veer off completely, and the result is nothing like the original plan. It’s more organic that way (hopefully), but also a bit tiresome.

In my case, for almost an year I had no idea how to progress in an interesting (to me) way. I could not even outline. Worse, due to various reasons, I had no motivation to spend time or energy thinking about how to get past that writer’s block, not even while I’m on the commute.

Writing fiction was no longer an enjoyment, but a responsibility and torture. I wasn’t getting any emotional fulfillment anymore and didn’t feel my effort was worth it.

I loved my characters and I was pretty confident about the big plot I had in mind, which was at least to me, several ways unique from what I’ve read, but I lost interest in completing the story I wanted to give a form to.

However, after one year of respite, I guess I’m ready to continue on with Book 3 now. I probably need to set goals for myself again, like write one chapter or so a week. I’ll work on outlining some parts of book 3 so I’d have more of a direction. The goal is to finish book 3 before I go to the States at the end of August~


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