4 thoughts on “Book 2 Can Now be Pre-Ordered!

  1. I absolutely love this series! I am in the middle of reading book 2 as of right now. This is going to be a spoiler for anyone who reads this but here it goes. Is Xiaoying really dead?! Please don’t let him be really dead! I love Xiaoying and Qaraaltan as a couple. They are so romantic and it breaks my heart that he could really be dead 😦

    • Hi Deanndra,
      Yay, I’m thrilled you’re enjoying the book and thanks for the support! 🙂 Xiaoying fell off into the abyss while being badly wounded, so his chances of surviving are quite slim indeed…. But glad you enjoyed Xiaoying & Qaraaltan as a couple!

  2. Just finished reading Book 2. It was amazing! All the reveals blew my mind and kept completely invested. Can definitely see this as an anime, manga, or even video game. I love this work! Can you share an expected release date for Book 3 please? 🙂

    • Yay! Your comment made me happy 😀 Unfortunately I’m not too sure about the release date for Book 3, kind of not having started much of it yet since I’ve been busy with other things, so at the quickest I think near the end of next year @@

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