Vacation to Suzhou and Hangzhou

There’s a saying in Chinese: “Heaven is above, while in the mortal realm there is SuHang” (上有天堂下有蘇杭)

“SuHang” being Suzhou and Hangzhou. So, thanks to this saying I’ve always wanted to visit those two cities. Now I finally had the chance, and I’m back with nice photos of how Jiangnan Water Towns look like~

Hangzhou (West Lake):

DSC00008 DSC00085 DSC00118 DSC00143 DSC00163 DSC00252


DSC00385 DSC00433 DSC00449 DSC00454 DSC00472 DSC00475 DSC00505 DSC00542 DSC00562 DSC00565 DSC00572 DSC00619 DSC00664 DSC00666  DSC00675 DSC00679 DSC00718 DSC00720 DSC00722 DSC00726 DSC00738 DSC00747 DSC00771 DSC00794 DSC00852 DSC00858 DSC00891 DSC00902 DSC00937 DSC00962 DSC00978

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