Guest Blog at Fang-Tastic Books on Tropes

My stories aren’t original.

Hm…let me rephrase that a little.

As everyone knows, stories are made up of tropes. If you broke my story up into little pieces, you can probably match everything to a trope. What’s more, I usually write historical and use existing concepts and things, so it’s even less “unique”.

Nonetheless, since human civilization has been telling stories for thousands of years and it’s now 2015 C.E., nothing is truly “original” anymore. However, a storyteller’s job is not to create something original, but rather to put their own spin on existing tropes, to weave things together and add their own unique flavor so the audience would feel a different experience.

Of course, when you speak of tropes, you inevitably will also think about “clichés”. Tropes are usually thought of as okay, but clichés are usually looked down on with disdain. Yet what is a cliché, but an overused trope?

First of all, we have to think about why these tropes are overused. It’s simple: the mainstream digs it. They consistently pick those (often highly unrealistic) tropes up for the same reason I tend to steer away from those popular tropes no matter how well-written they are: tastes.

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2 thoughts on “Guest Blog at Fang-Tastic Books on Tropes

  1. Hello, I was looking for wuxia stories in English, and I found your Deceiving Clouds, Cunning Waves online, so happy :’) I totally get what you mean in in this post. You said it all. Yet I really appreciate your writing, and the research you put in to get the setting right, even if you may think it isn’t complete. It must be really difficult to do all that. I find it so much easier to read large amounts of text in English compared to Mandarin, so thank you for writing Deceiving Clouds 🙂

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