Cultural Diversity in Books: Why there aren’t more culturally diverse stories (Guest Post by Relics of Gods Author Yeyu)

Helen Treharne

Today, I’m joined by Yeyu! She has a new book out today (Relics of Gods) but she has still found time to put fingertips to keyboard and pull together a very insightful, interesting piece for us. Enjoy!

This may sound strange to some, but despite writing English fictions set in ancient China with ethnic Chinese characters and strong Chinese cultural influences, promoting ethnic/cultural diversity was not a part of my goal. Sharing my culture was the goal, and it’s a profoundly different mindset.

I guess this is because I can read Chinese fluently and the Chinese online fiction community is MASSIVE. Just think about how many internet users there are in Mainland China + other Chinese speaking communities. We are NOT the minority in terms of global population. So, this means I can easily access countless stories with ethnic Chinese main characters and stories with strong Chinese cultural backgrounds, which…

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