The Relics of Gods Can Now be Pre-Ordered! :D

The DSP Publications official site is now up~ And yes, at last the Relics of Gods is available for pre-order…whoa it seems like such a long time ago @_@ a half-year delay, but hopefully worth it all, lol. If people gave me bad reviews not because of problems in my writing/characterization/plot but because there wasn’t enough romance, it would be not very constructive ha. Even though I still think the Relics of Gods is very focused on romance =”= And mushy as hell! (Maybe more so in the sequel….) But…maybe it’s just me? ~”~ I thought Erasing Shame was very romance-focused as well….and yet apparently some readers did not agree 0.0 I accept whatever other criticisms there are though.

Anyhow. Yeah. I know I still gotta somehow finish A Thousand Years of Persistence before the end of December, which is this month. 8 chapters…seems pretty impossible but I’ll try. Even though I’m only able to squeeze out one chapter one week with a day job and all.

Also, for those who somehow are interested Erasing Shame is also available on the official DSPP site (if you somehow wanted to buy it but found the product link broken for a while).

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